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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 18, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> for noah this is personal. >> i saw the two kids at the school. martin and jane. >> martin richard is the 8-year-old boy till kiled on the day of the bombings. he hopes someone remembers seeing the suspects. >> i can't wait to bring these people to understand why, why they would take the live 6 an 8-year-old ask leg of a 6-year-old. and almost kill their mother. >> as soon as images were released it's all over the twitter verse as they say people out here were looking at pictures hoping someone could recognize those two men and people will continue to add their flowers and balloons and message that's stud grents a nearby college left on this barricade. >> president obama told people of boston everyone stands with
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them. >> they sought to intimidate us, terrorize us, to shake us from those values that make us who we are as americans. well, itld be pretty clear by now that they have picked the wrong city to do it. >> the president spoke this morning. >> a very special visitor for a day bai area boy injured in the bombing. michelle obama dropped by the hospital to visit 11-year-old aaron hern, the martinez boy suffer aid deep thigh wound while watching his mother finish the marathon. his mother tells abc 7 news her son is improving and his neck brace and other tubes have been removed. he's doing well. there is this badge in support of the people of boston.
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you can find them on our page 7 news. >> the search for survivors continues after a powerful fertilizer plant explosion in texas. that could with felt 45 miles way. it damaged or destroyed buildings within a 1500 foot radius, you can see damage from blast, buildings and homes obliterated. the mayor says there may be a35-40 people dead because many are still macing. -- missing. >> hi, cheryl. >> this is with about closes you can get. there is a mangled tank over there. there has been smoke light bits of smoke coming up. with first light of day the scope could be seen. at what used to be the west
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texas fertilizer plant. >> good folks here injured and this is a disaster. >> long time west resident was rushing to help with the initial fire in the plant when it exploded. >> the car just lifted up in the air. i got me, my girlfriend and got out of there. i ran over to the -- to the old folks home to see how many people we can get out of there. >> 19-year-old anthon rewas leading a youth group. a room filled with young children, when the building shook. >> there is like panting and just crying. just to hear many kids in that
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state is just devastating. >> officially the death toll is holding steady with the number of those injured and as bad as it is when whole neighborhoods wiped out it's clear koit have been worse. >> if anyone had been in school a lot of kids won't be here. >> local stand federal work here just beginning. e're inhe search an rescue phe looking for individuals. cis from the state, county, local levels are working to try to locate individuals. >> and again we're back live here. sorry about audio problem there. it's windy out here, we're about a half mile north and west of the fert lidzer plant. you can see there is some debris in the field.
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the force ofndu went into the opposite direction. we've talked with fwhonz ran from their homes. a family that lived in the apartment building that was destroyed we'll have their story for you tonight at 6:00. >> laura, thank you very much. incredible stories coming out of texas and video of the blast. in one clip you can see the blast and hear a man's frightened daughter. listen. >> i can't here, get out of here, get out of here. >> just terrifying. the father says both are okay and they are hearin been stedhe ears re
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want to sho il fot dwleez have come from west texas. remarkable shots. here is a google earth satellite image. there is the plant right there. all is well. here is a picture of what it looked like today after the explosion and fire as you can see leveled and gone. at the spot where the plant stood until about 21 hours ago. looks like a wasteland. this is what is left of a 50 unit apartment complex near the plant. rescuers have not found survivors but you can see just terrific, terrible damage one in that instant.
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abc 7 news talked with one resident of that apartment complex today and ahead at 6:00 tells us about getting his young family to safety. about five minutes from now a surprising way california insuspects fertilizer plants here in order to keep them safe. we'll take you there for that story. >> over the years this is odd one of the in history on april the sandoff between federal agents, atf and a religious cult known as branch davidians ended in a deadly fire in waco, texas. 76 emwere killed. two years later oklahoma city bombing killed 168 people. april 20th, columbin columbine -- columbine
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shootings. two students involved there committed suicide. and on april 16th, 2007, 32 people killed in a school shooting in virginia tech. april 20th, 2010, 11 people killed when the deep water horizon oil rig exploded. >> biggest disaster to hit san francisco 1906 backpack and fire. police hoped off the area until explosive experts determined that bag was harmless, still, the ceremony was moved to union square. today, it was the first time that no 2006 survivors took part in the festivities. they just wanted to sleep in. >> red cross wants to remind th all to be ready to deal
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disasters qite a mood today and look who is there. jerry rice. joining olympic champ kristi yamaguchi to bust a move. officials cannot stress how important it is to have a family plan fr a disaster. >> loved ones know you're okay whether through going to a meeting place or calling someone out of the area and sending a text message. >> we have full resources on abc 7 just look for repair nor cal on see it on tv. >> another arrest in the murder of a bay area paramedic. quinn boyer shot at a stop sign. the sixth teenager is only 13
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years old. nick smith is live tonight. nick oldest among them is just 16. it's stunning. >> and sad. 16-year-old made his first court appearance. the judge read off a list of the charges. he told them he was being charged as an adult. he asked the 16-year-old do you understand you're being charged as an adult? take a look at this video. one of 16 boys have been connected to the death of quinn boyer, april 2 he was shot after leaving his parents' home in the oakland hills. the 34-year-old driving on keller avenue when hit. police and the district attorney say it was a random attack. investigators believe he jumped a median and took out this tree. burton and five others have chad
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with multiple felonies. youngest arrested yesterday is only 13 years old. abc 7 news will not identify the other five teens because they're not being charged as adults. there are special circumstances because of the use of a firearm, the crime is enhanced meaning he can face a sentence of live if convicted. coming up at 6:00 what tools investigator use to help identify their suspects. >> thank you. >> developing news now a drive by shooting in oak lpd left buildings pock marked by bullets. nobody was injured. police say a car pulled up to another vehicle parked outside of the school and then, someone started shootine bk win.
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a window -- woman ran into the skoo. police looking at video from crime cameras hoping that that contains clues as to who was involved. >> meantime, concord police need help catching bad guy unsthtig eed off a smash andab s the store before closing time the men held agun an smashed display case was a hammer, they escaped in a stolen toyota. >> amazing. customers were still in the store. >> more in a town at 5:00. severe weather and flooding. what is expected tonight. >> our weather very different. we'll be getting a summer preview very soon here, i'll be back with a look at the weekend forecast coming up. >> plus, trash piling up in
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the bay area. what the problem is, why it's not being picked up. stay with us.
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what happened at that fertilizer plant is raising questions about safety and regulation here in california. there are facilities like that across the state. abc 7 news is live tonight. you smoke with people that live nearby. what are they saying tonight? >> well there are mixed feelings. they like having what the plant does here in terms of jobs but have to live witness.
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huge, fiery explosion in a fertilizer plant in west north of waco, texas is a wake up call. it raises concerns of whether that could happen near california. according to the department of industrial relations there are six fertilizer manufacturers in the state. >> these are the principles we use. >> the fire chief showed me plans that the city and company have in place in case of a similar plant explosion, notification is kee. a siren will sound, reverse 911 will activate. authorities going door to door to alert everyone of an accident. key personnel are trained to respond. >> you want to havewh to do basd on tncident. hooue g reon >> to prevent explosions
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locals are required to check in person. >> we conduct an inspection plan wrd we come in to go through the facility. we also conduct unannounced. >> you may be wondering why locals have so many responsible for calls they kept say they zront over all responsibility. i found out they regulate together under what is called certified unified protection agency. or cupa delegating authorities to enforce state law. local residents think the power is helpful because bureaucracy is slow response. >> so, confident in west sacramento that they're aware them have proper protocols in place. >> unlike texas town west sacramento did not build neighborhoods within a mile. still it's located in a park that employs many people. >> i'm concernednd i won't
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know what to do if that happened. >> cupa says the texas facility is a fertilizer wholesaler and there are 49 of those in california. cupa insists we are safe. >> tuesday. >> a strike by sanitation workers is affecting service here in the bay area, supportive teamsters picketed the area now operated republic services disrupting service in fremont and union city. the company representative says collection services will resume as soon as possible. >> today's report suggests the job market could start to rebound. according to the labor department, new claims for benefits only rose slightly last week. 353,000 people filed for first time jobless benefits. thousands of unemployed californians will feel impact of the government's spending cuts.
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benefits will be reduced nearby 18% starting april 28th. >> well, heavy rain causing wide spread flooding across the mid west an inch of rain fell, flooding neighborhoods and roadways. warnings are still in effect. rain caused more than just flooding. take a look at this sink hole. pavement buckles. there is a person in the car. the car ended up at the bottom and that person was rescued and sent to the hospital. they do say he was driving. the road just caved in. >> a similar sight in michigan this video from grandville. flooded streets made driving so bad for drivers they shad thood abandon cars. >> that sink hole video is something else. >> how terrifying.
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>> very different situation here in the bay area. >> no rain is in sight. >> no. it makes you appreciate our mild climate when you see pictures there. we're going to stay in a holding pattern with temperatures. friday, saturday, and then we'll crank up the heat sunday and monday. right now you'll see that yes, there is no rain here on our radar and are not expecting any rain. you can see just blue skies overhead. it's a beautiful view. san jose, 75 degrees temperatures upper 50 as long the coast. aum the way to the upper 70s inland so a good 20 degree spread this, is the sfru lake tahoe tv. beautiful view. expecting sunshine as we head into the weekend with temperatures into low to mid-60s so if you're heading up to tahoe, weather looking great. napa 73 degrees, 77 in
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fairfield. it's 67 in union city. check out highlights. clear skies, cool nights. another mild day tomorrow, looking at warmer weather sunday, and nonmond yore going feel warmth around the bay and inland. stor t diverted well north of us, keeping it in a dry pattern, warm days starting sunday running throughout monday. so a brief heat up, if you will. 44 liver more, 48 san jose. 46 vallejo. oakland san francisco mildest locations into low 60s. 62 degrees in nappa. starting out clear in the morning, as the day goes on you'll notice high clouds coming.
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south bay temperatures 78 in san jose. 77 sunnyvale. 75 palo alto. and low 60s along the coast. daily city, 60. north bay we're going see temperatures in the mid-70s. high clouds filtering in the sun. east bay 72 degrees in oakland. inland areas up to 80 degrees in antioch. temperatures warmer than were you should be at this time of the year. now if you're heading to giants game tomorrow evening just keep in mind it's going to be breeze yu of the -- breezy. at and t park dropping into mid-50s. i'd take i u.
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low toin low 60s coast. yes. rain or shine get video forecasts. from all of us here. >> thank you. >> well, still to come you don't have to go inside of the exploratorium to get a view. >> also, how twitter will help you get closer to your favorite celebrity oob a woman had to turn to 7 on your side's michael finney to get
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twitter is launching a new app helping you find music popular on twitter as well as on the bands you follow. you can down load to your
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iphone or lap top through apple's app store. >> it could be handy. all right. education news. 63% of adults say the state does not spend enough money on public skpools a majority improve of the plan to increase funds tochool e gllearners and lower incom students.thel found support in giving schools more flexibility in how they spend state money. >> more than 14 thousand new freshman have been received to cal berkeley. a record high number of april politics were received this year. nearly 68,000. cal officials say class of an average gpa of 3.9 and a diverse background. 9,000 from california and women represent about 54% of
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the admitted students. >> san francisco new exploratorium offering nun yeek views on the water front. take a look at this laser light art show. so cool. crowds gathered to watch the figures change. the light show is project frtd roof here at abc 7. official tv partner of the exploratorium. there is another free light show tonight. you can see it's cool stuff. >> that is going to be on our web site, of course. >> still ahead getting down, dirt yes for earth day some students whark they're doing to make the campus more
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coming up at 6:00 our laura anthony is in the town of west in texas and talks to
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a man who lived in this apartment about how he survived n boston speaking to the survivor of the marathon bombing and the special message delivered inspired by seeing balloons over the woman bombing scene. tonight in mountain view nasa shows off technology that will pay big dividends during fire season. its coming up in a half hour at 6:00. now back to dan and cheryl. >> students at san francisco city college shared ideas on making the campus greener. >> that is right this, car aimed at reducing the number of cars on the road. >> they feel like selling produce is going to help armers -- farmers and provide healthier food for students. >> yes. they want the college to become more sustainable by expanding programs. >> all goodas. that is going to do it for us. >> i'm sirldnings.
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for watching. we'll se this is "world news." tonight, two fast-moving stories. in boston, the breaking news. the fbi says they want everybody to help find these two men on the surveillance tape. persons of interest in the boston marathon bombing. we'll take you frame by frame through the video. why the fbi says, look at every detail. and the breakthrough comes as an emotional president tonight has a message for the bombers. >> we will find you. and, yes, you will face justice. also tonight, that texas disaster. what caused the giant tank at a fertilizer plant to explode and shatter an entire town? the tremors felt miles away as true heroes rushed in to help.


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